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T-audio LX200T

T-audio LX200T

The T-audio LX 200T is a digital UHF beltpack transmitter incl. condenser microphone.

The LX series is T-audio’s professional Wireless Tour Guide System, Translation System and Assistive Listening System. The perfect system for assistive listening in museums, factories, historic sites, tourist attractions and training.

LX 200 serie

The T-audio LX-200 series has an elegance appearance with a grey and white finish. The professional systems features easy to read LCD screens and a intelligent three buttons operation. Built-in 1300mAh Lithium polymer battery provides more than 17hrs of continuous use per charge. With the micro USB connector charging is easy and similar to charging your smartphone. Optional 12 and 35 slots charging cases and station are available.

T-audio LX200T summarized

  • Professional compact size and good wearing comfort
  • Auto synchronize receiver with transmitter channel number
  • Easy to read LCD screen displays channel number, volumes, battery status and charging condition
  • High end microphone accessories accept external multimedia and wireless transmit content to the receivers
  • The use of Li-Polymer rechargeable battery reduces the cost of purchasing disposable battery and reduces the environmental impact through their disposal or recycling
  • Energy saving, the receivers will power off automatically if no signal is received for 20mins