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T-audio was founded in 2012, as part of the portfolio of Tau Audio Solutions BV. To supply loudspeakers in smaller projects with power, the search for an inexpensive, compact amplifier began. No fitting solution was found in the existing portfolio. Eventually Tau decided to introduce her own product with the brand name T-audio. T-audio is now a growing brand and will further expand its product portfolio with a few professional usable products for the market. We are now looking for distributors in Europe.

The strength of T-audio

T-audio’s products are known for their simplicity and ease of installation. The products’ affordable pricing, makes them even more appealing. T-audio has a large international network of manufacturers and many years of experience in making good audio products. Is there a need for a specific audio product which cannot be found in the existing market at a reasonable price? Then T-audio will look for the possibility to add it to the portfolio. T-audio’s products are, among others, used in offices, warehouses, places of worship, galleries and retail.


The T-audio brand has been developed by Tau Audio Solutions BV. Tau is the Dutch distributor of T-audio.
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