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T-audio LX100W

T-audio LX100W

The T-audio LX100W is a directional UHF log antenna.

The LX series is T-audio’s professional Wireless Tour Guide System, Translation System and Assistive Listening System. The perfect system for assistive listening in museums, factories, historic sites, tourist attractions and training.

To complete the T-audio LX-200 serie we have professional accessories available.

Available accessories

  • T-audio LX200K Synchronisation kit
  • T-audio LX200S Digital UHF single channel stationary transmitter
  • T-audio LX100W Directional UHF log antenna
  • T-audio LX010A Antenna booster
  • T-audio LX020A Antenna combiner
  • T-audio LX200H Headset microphone
  • T-audio LX100N Neck loop for hearing aid incl. 3.5mm jack
  • T-audio LX130B 1300mAh lithium battery for transmitter or receiver
  • T-audio LX120C 12 slot charger bag
  • T-audio LX350C 35 slot charger bag